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Pellet Power was founded in 2011 with a clear mission: We wanted to develop a cost effective cleaner energy alternative to fossil fuels. We wanted to offer consumers and entrepreneurs a fuel to replace fossil fuels like LPG, diesel, Paraffin, HFO and electricity generated from coal, enabling them to generate heat energy without interruption while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Pellet Power is now South Africa’s largest producer of premium grade wood pellets – a small and seemingly ordinary product that is addressing these big challenges and delivering real results. Pellet Power also supply, install and offer service level agreements for advanced biomass combustion technology ranging from 6kw to 1mw.

Why use wood pellets as a fuel

Our locally manufactured wood pellets are an eco-friendly solid fuel which is made from compacted sawdust from the waste by-product of FSC approved commercial sawmills. This means that our feedstock is sourced from sustainable plantations.

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Quantified savings

Globally, wood pellets has proved itself as an alternative to traditional fossil fuel soften resulting in substantial savings facilitating short term repayment of capital cost. The savings generated as a result of using wood pellets instead of electricity, LPG, diesel, HFO and Paraffin are sufficient enough to finance new pellet burning technology for the production of hot air or water. Wood pellet central heating boilers, as well as wood
pellet fireplaces transform more than 90% of the stored energy into usable heat energy.

For new projects; wood pellets and pellet technology, offer the most reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Domestic economy

The use of wood pellets not only offers significant advantages for the environment and clear economic advantages for the customers, but also provides a secure future market for domestic companies who grow and harvest plantation trees, manufacture the wood pellets, deliver the fuel, install pellet appliances and service them. The growth of the wood pellet industry has the potential to create many new desperately needed jobs in South Africa, especially in the rural communities.

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